Quench your thirst! Classic espresso based coffee, tea & refreshing specials!

Our Drinks


A full range of barista-made Italian-inspired coffee served to you at your table. We want to share our passion because, like you, we love coffee!

rubens coffee

Espresso topped up with hot water to give a longer drink, delicious black or with hot or cold milk.

rubens coffee

Espresso with steamed milk and foam, sprinkled with chocolate – less milk and more foam than a latte give the cappuccino its distinctive texture.

rubens coffee

Short and strong with concentrated flavour and aroma, our espresso is delicious and reviving and also forms the basis of our range of artisan coffees.

rubens coffee
Flat White

Espresso and steamed milk – stronger than a latte, without the foam but with its own distinctive finish!

rubens coffee

Espresso with steamed milk and a thin layer of foam, try your latte traditional, skinny or soy.

rubens coffee

Espresso with frothed hot chocolate for all the chocolate lovers out there!

Extras: Shot of Espresso, Whipped Cream, Marshmallows, Chocolate Flake, Flavoured Syrup

Time to Cool Off?

rubens coffee
Iced Americano
rubens coffee
Iced Cappuccino
rubens coffee
Iced Latte

Did you know? Coffee trees are capable of growing more than 30 feet high!

Something else…



Plain or with your choice of marshmallows & whipped cream or chocolate & whipped cream.



A variety of fruity smoothies, ask in store.



Breakfast, earl grey, green tea and a selection of fruit teas.



A selection of refreshing options for when café culture means more than just coffee. Heswall only!